23 May 2023

Riyadh Air | First Officer

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s new national airline based in Riyadh, is recruiting experienced pilots to operate our brand-new aircrafts. We are looking for global talent to build on our ambition to be the World’s most inspiring airline with an exceptional guest experience.

Colleagues on the flight deck should have quality widebody experience, be a digital native and dedicated to ensuring the highest level of guest hospitality.


To become one of our widebody First Officers, you will need a minimum of 2000 hours total flying time multi- crew, multi- engine aircraft from the Airbus fly-by-wire generation or Boeing glass cockpit aircraft. Only time in the operating seat of a turboprop and/or turbojet aircraft can be counted; not simulator time. To join our team, you will need to have:

Roster, Hours & Routes

The contract is open-ended. A roster pattern is issued monthly with weekly updates and a minimum of 8 days off in the month. The target hours will be 800-900 with a mixture of international and domestic duties from our Riyadh base. Trips will be a mix of single, domestic double with some multi sector and be 1 to 4 days in duration. Layovers are generally 24-48 hours. Your days off will be in our hub in Riyadh.


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