24 June 2024

Pilot Flight Academy | Instructor


Fully Sponsored Flight Instructor Program at Pilot Flight Academy

Pilot Flight Academy (PFA) is excited to once again offer a fully sponsored Flight Instructor Program, paving the way for a long-term career in aviation with a great work schedule and opportunities for growth.

What's in It for You?

At PFA, we don't just train you-we will invest in your future as a flight instructor. Here's what you can expect:

1. Top-Notch Training: Enjoy a fully sponsored EASA Flight Instructor course. This includes ground school, 30 flight hours, your assessment flight, and the cost of your license issuance.

2. Secure Employment: Start your career with a full-time flight instructor position at PFA. You'll have a 12-month bonding period beginning once you complete our internal training course and earn your FI(A)-rating.

3. Competitive Salary: Yearly salary of 350,000 NOK with potential opportunities for overtime when needed. Additionally, further raises may be available as you achieve additional certifications such as Instrument Flight Instructor and Multi-Engine Instructor, typically within approximately a year. PFA also covers annual medical fees and necessary revalidations.

4. Career Growth: Advance your career through a step-by-step, sponsored path to become an Instrument Flight Instructor and Multi-Engine Instructor, with corresponding salary boosts. You'll also have opportunities to influence and develop learning materials for a multitude of courses at PFA, contribute to future training and assessment methods including Competency-

Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) and Evidence-Based Training (EBT), and even become a flight instructor who trains new flight instructors.

Additional Benefits

Broaden Your Horizons: The teaching and learning course can open doors beyond the traditional flight instructor role. It can be credited towards becoming a Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Multi Crew Cooperation Instructor, or Type Rating Instructor, providing endless opportunities in the aviation training field. These roles allow you to expand your expertise and influence, positioning you for a varied career in aviation education and training.

Future Flexibility: While flying for airlines can be a rewarding career, doing it for 30+ years might become monotonous. With an Fl rating, you have the flexibility to explore opportunities outside the airline industry, ensuring a dynamic and engaging career. This qualification also could provide job security during industry downturns or airline downsizing.

Early Career Development

European Experience: During the first year after completing the Fl course, you will gain invaluable experience at one of our European bases. Following this period, you will be planned to begin upgrading to an Instrument and Multi-Engine Instructor, further enhancing your skills and career opportunities.

The Rewards of Being a Flight Instructor

Being a flight instructor at PFA is not just a job; it's a rewarding career. You get to see students improve and excel based on your feedback and instruction. Watching a student solo for the first time, achieve their licenses, and grow into competent pilots provides a sense of fulfilment and pride that is unmatched in many other careers. You will be a part of shaping the future of aviation, making your role essential and highly valued. As a flight instructor at PFA, you will be part of a supportive community that values teaching excellence and student success. Whether you are a current student or a graduate, this role offers a meaningful way to give back to the aviation community and continue developing your own skills.

Program Details

FI Course Contents: The Flight Instructor course at PFA is comprehensive, including both theoretical and practical training.

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction: The theoretical training spans 125 hours, divided into "Teaching and Learning" and "Theoretical Knowledge". The "Teaching and Learning" course includes a 1-week, 25-hour theoretical instruction, along with an additional 15 hours dedicated to Advanced Instructional Techniques. This covers essential aspects such as the learning process, teaching methodologies, applied instructional techniques, student evaluation, training program development, and more, going beyond the EASA syllabus to enhance your foundation as a proficient instructor.

Flight Training Syllabi: The flight training includes 15 lessons divided into three phases, covering basic airwork, advanced airwork including circuit training, and navigation training. Each lesson includes pre-flight and post-flight briefings, ensuring thorough preparation and review.

How to Apply

The application process is open and ongoing. The first course is planned to be started in September 2024.

- Eligibility: Hold an EASA CPL license. Active students on PFA ATP Integrated Programme can apply once they have passed the 4-31 progress check in the flight training program.

- Application Submission: Send your cover letter and CV to recruitment@pilot.no. Please include why you want to become an instructor and why we should choose you.

- Selection Process: We plan to start the selection and assessment process in late July/early August.

Don't miss this great chance to advance your aviation career. Apply now to join Pilot Flight Academy and start a professional career the skies.

Take off with PFA and build a bright future in aviation!