03 July 2024

Netjets | First Officer


Take Command of Your Career: Pilot at NetJets

About NetJets

As a NetJets pilot, you'll be more than just a skilled aviator; you'll be a brand ambassador, delivering exceptional service alongside unwavering safety. Joining the largest and most diverse private jet fleet, you'll command the skies, transporting global influencers to sought-after destinations worldwide. At NetJets, pilot well-being is paramount. Our policies prioritize safety, offering the flexibility, support, and resources necessary to elevate your career and enhance your work-life balance. As a Berkshire Hathaway company, NetJets boasts resolute financial strength, providing a stable and secure future for your career investment.

Purpose of the Position

The Pilot is the embodiment of the NetJets experience, ensuring a superior air transportation experience characterized by an unwavering commitment to safety. Beyond technical proficiency, the Pilot acts as a brand representative, providing exceptional service and cultivating a positive and memorable journey for every NetJets Owner and passenger.

Tasks and Responsibilities


Certifications and Licenses

Years of Experience

Core Competencies

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Requirements (KSAOs)

Detailed technical requirements are listed regarding flight hours, certifications, age, and physical capabilities.

Base Salary Range

$69,932 - $95,696


NetJets offers a comprehensive benefits package designed to promote employee well-being, including: