25 May 2023

Martinaire Aviation | Chief Pilot

Addison, TX, United States

The Chief Pilot will be qualified through training, experience, and expertise (14 CFR Part 119.69, and will meet the qualification standards contained in 14 CFR Part 119.71. He/she will have extensive experience with C-208s in part 135 cargo operations. He/she will have prior training and check airman experience. He/she will have a full understanding of the following materials: Aviation safety standards and safe operating practices, 14 CFR Chapter 1 (FARs), company Operations Specifications, all appropriate maintenance and airworthiness standards, and contents of company manuals.

We are a Cargo Airliner.

Processes additions, changes and deviations using the Safety Management System (SMS) Safety Risk Management (SRM) methods.

Maintains a current, FAA approved master record section pertaining to all crewmembers, aircraft and flights conducted by the company.

Maintains master copies of all required company, FAA approved manuals, preparing and submitting for approval revisions as necessary.


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