25 January 2024

MAE Aircraft Management | B737 Captain

A. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Ensuring all the courses are in compliance with BCAA.

2. Acting as CRM Manager and responsible for all aspects of aircrew CRM including development of the syllabus and course material.

3. Supervising flying training and currency records within the Company and ensuring that these are maintained accurately and up to date. Issuing the necessary training paperwork to each check candidate prior to the check.

4. Attend selection boards as appropriate for the selection and appointment of new flight crew and promotion of flight crew.

5. Crew Training. The nominated postholder or his deputy should be a current Type Rating Instructor on a type/class operated under the AOC/Authorization.

6. The Nominated Postholder should have thorough knowledge of the AO/Authorization holder’s crew training concept for Flight Crew and for Cabin Crew when relevant.

7. Responsible for overall training standards.

8. Controlling and maintaining Operations and Training Manuals ensuring that the contents are up to date, relevant and meet legal requirements.

9. Control and maintain training equipment to ensure legal standards and requirements are met. Ensure personnel in charge of specialist information maintain current practice and that training material is reviewed annually.

B. Specific Responsibilities
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Safety
2. Flight Operation are conducted in accordance with conditions and restrictions of the Air Operator
​​Certificate BAH-10, and in compliance with ANTR-OPS 1 and standards of MAE.

3. The planning, content, and quality of all pilot training requirements.

4. To monitor pilot training to ensure the company standards are maintained.

5. To ensure pilot training staff achieve the Company standard of instruction.

6. To ensure that initial and recurrent training and testing comply with current legislation, including the maintenance of training records.

7. To nominate new training staff and review the competence of existing training staff.

8. To review, develop and recommend cost-effective improvements to training methods.

9. To arrange training meetings.

10. The content and amendment of the Training Manual.

11. To check and keep record of all Pilot Training Forms.

12. To produce technical question papers and refreshers training programs.

13. To liaise with the Operations Manager to ensure commonality of procedures.

B. Personnel Requirement(s):
* At least a bachelor’s degree in engineering/Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science is an advantage.

* Rated Commercial Pilot License with appropriate and applicable endorsement.

* At least 3 years of experience as Designated Examiner (DE) or hold a TRI/TRE qualification.

* ICAO Airline transport Pilots License (ATPL)

* Have a current rating on B737CL and B737NG.

* Comprehensive knowledge of air law, aircraft technical systems and airline procedures.

* Management experience preferable under EASA or FAA.