14 June 2022

Jet Linx Aviation | First Officer

Teterboro, NJ, United States

Who We Are

At Jet Linx, we pride ourselves on our core values of selflessness, dedication, enthusiasm, integrity, and compassion along with the commitment to be the best in the industry, to our fellow team members, and our clients. If you are looking to join a team that is determined to provide a truly wonderful experience – you’ve arrived.

We are an industry leader that is growing quickly and looking to expand our team of pilots. Jet Linx is ARG/US Platinum rated and IS-BAO compliant and our operations are under FAR part 135 and 91.


The (SIC) reports directly to the (PIC). The pilot’s FOS record indicates pilot designations and type aircraft assigned.

The SIC will assist the PIC in managing the flight. As designated by the PIC, the SIC may serve as Pilot Monitoring or as Pilot Flying. In the latter role, the SIC may perform takeoffs and landings, as directed by the PIC and within the experience and environmental limits established herein. The SIC must know PIC duties and responsibilities in case the PIC is not available or incapacitated, thus requiring the SIC to take command of the flight.

Preflight and Postflight Duties of the SIC and either as the Pilot Flying (PF) or the Pilot Monitoring (PM) are described in Pre & Post-Flight Checklist.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. A SIC qualified pilot is designated Second-in-Command by aircraft type and model.
  2. A designated International-SIC is qualified for extended overwater operations outside of the lower 48-states, Alaska, Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.
  3. Preflight and ensure all emergency equipment, including the first aid kit, AED, fire extinguishers, life rafts, life vests are stored properly and ready for service.
  4. Ensure the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all aircraft stores, appropriate catering and provisions on board for the safety and comfort of the passengers and crew.
  5. Manage duty, flight, and rest times to requirements of both the company and CFRs.
  6. Maintain communication with the company via telephone, e-mail, and/or FOS tor standby duty assignments, trip notifications, position calls, and pre- and post-flight reports.
  7. Communicate in-flight with the company, using electronic or VHF/HF phone patch, to manage events involving emergencies, security, maintenance, or customer-driven diversions.
  8. Maintain and manage the electronic flight bag (EFB) hardware and applications.
  9. Ensure navigation charts, publications, and company manuals are current.
  10. Maintain communication with the flight department management, often enough during the trip to ensure that operational messages are promptly conveyed between the flight crew and the base.
  11. Maintain knowledge of the General Operations Manual, Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications, the applicable Flight Operations Manuals, familiar with the General Maintenance Manual, other rules, and instructions pertinent to the assigned duties.
  12. Maintain a current medical certificate, as required by Jet Linx.
  13. Notify Jet Linx if a medical condition exists that is contrary to Federal Air Regulations or may impair the pilot’s ability to perform the assigned duties.
  14. Demonstrate Jet Linx’s core values and “Supply the High” in all interactions.
  15. Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with all levels of the company and its customers
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Ability to handle and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment, discretion, and initiative
  • Self-motivated and willingness to take initiative to research and resolve problems
  • Ability to travel outside of the country
  • Must maintain a current passport at all times
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain airport security clearance

Education and Work Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience required
  • Must possess current Pilot’s license and medical certificate
  • Current type in aircraft to be flown is preferred
  • Total flight time for SIC is 1500 hours required
  • No FAA related accidents or incidents reported within the last 5 years

Physical Requirements:

  • Majority of work is completed in and around aircraft and aircraft terminals
  • Work indoors and out, in different extremes of weather
  • Move up to 50 pounds on an infrequent basis
  1. Notify Jet Linx if a medical condition exists that is contrary to Federal Air Regulations or may impair the pilot’s ability to perform the assigned duties.
  2. Demonstrate Jet Linx’s core values and “Supply the High” in all interactions.
  3. Other duties as assigned.