14 June 2022

Jet Linx Aviation | Chief Pilot

Omaha, NE, United States

System Chief Pilot is the representative for Flight Operations across several assigned base locations. In case, one System Chief Pilot is not available the other will assume the duties of that person. The SCP maintains the responsibility of the duties of Chief Pilot for the purpose of 14CFR 119.65 (a) (2) compliance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Meets the requirements and is responsible for the duties described in GOM-01 Flight Operation 2.2.10.
  • Coordinate recruiting efforts with the talent team at the NOC.
  • Advise on qualifications requirements for new positions.
  • Coordinate company, crew pairing, revenue management and aircraft owner requirements to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained for the crewing of aircraft at assigned bases.
  • Approves open position by initiating requisitions.
  • Provide final approval on offer letters for pilots.
  • Participate in pilot technical interviews and act as ambassadors at recruiting events.
  • Participate in pathway development.
  • Completes required documentations (PAF) for aircraft, position and pay changes for crewmembers
  • Participate in annual salary survey evaluations
  • Supervise Base Chief Pilot activity and assume BCP responsibilities when the BCP is unavailable or not assigned in the case of a new base.
  • Monitor flight crew activity and statistics. Advise on staffing needs and crew upgrades.
  • Supervises flight crew activity with local bases in coordination with the Base Chief Pilot.
  • Administer HR functions at the base level, document performance issues and Performance Improvement Plans as required.
  • Implement and execute performance plans and ASAP report corrections or remedial training.
  • Reviews and approves pilot qualifications and makes recommendations for upgrades and transitions
  • Conduct Base Chief Pilot performance reviews annually, assist Base Chief Pilots [Base Presidents] with pilot performance reviews and advise on compensation administration / justification.
  • Assists the Director of Operations & Director of Training ensuring pilot training and currency requirements are met, advising on aircrew training.
  • Manage PIC Line Checks and IOE training and advise crewing when new PIC’;s are ready for a line check.
  • Initiates PAFs and follows up on changes with training and crew records to ensure FOS qualifications and aircraft tail assignments are accurately updated.
  • Provide oversight to the crew day off process and requesting of PTO, and Short-Term Disability impacts
  • Advises crewing and crew records of pilot status changes that may affect crewmember and aircraft availability.
  • Maintain Check Pilot qualifications and currency.
  • Conduct line checks and observations of flight crews. Conduct evaluation flights or simulator observations when required.
  • Conduct weekly BCP meetings
  • Attend (in person or remote) monthly pilot meetings with assigned bases.
  • Drive employee engagement. Communicate regularly with crewmembers and advise on system improvements
  • Perform flight operations as assigned crewmember secondary to completion of other managerial responsibilities.
  • Office at NOC on a rotational schedule for Safety, HR, Recruiting, Training and Flight Operations support.
  • Act as Flight Operations point of contact for Flight Coordination and Crewing on Operational and Crew Related issues. Rotational Weekend coverage will be established.