20 May 2022

Jet Linx Aviation | Chief Pilot

Indianapolis, In, United States

At Jet Linx, we pride ourselves on our core values of selflessness, dedication, enthusiasm, integrity, and compassion along with the commitment to be the best in the industry, to our fellow team members, and our clients. If you are looking to join a team that is determined to provide a truly wonderful experience – you’ve arrived.

Position Summary:

The Base Chief Pilot is responsible for all flight aviation matters related to one or more aircraft accounts. The person should have additional crew member related duties and responsibilities. Crewmembers and maintenance personnel of the account(s) report to the Base Chief Pilot.

During operations conducted under 14 CFR Part 135, crewmembers and maintenance personnel report to the Director of Operations, the Director of Maintenance or the Chief Pilot, as applicable, for compliance with all Company policies and procedures.

The Base Chief Pilot reports to the System Chief Pilot on all matters involving assigned management contracts and personnel. During routine matters relating to Flight Operations, Maintenance Operations, Administration or Accounting, the Base Chief Pilot may communicate directly with the applicable Jet Linx representative, as required.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Supervise assigned personnel to ensure compliance with the policies and procedures Federal Aviation Regulations, ICAO Rules of the Air, NTSB 830, and other applicable federal, state, and local regulations
  • Monitor the personal appearance, dress code, and conduct of all assigned personnel to achieve the highest standards
  • Maintain a current read and initial file of all Jet Linx memorandums and make such files available to personnel with a periodic check of the initial sheets
  • Coordinate, schedule and review applicable crew and maintenance personnel training with the appropriate training contractor and advise the Director of Operations or Director of Maintenance, as required
  • Develop scheduling procedures with clients to promote reliable, efficient scheduling of aircraft
  • Approve and schedule through the flight scheduling department Personal Time Off (PTO) for all assigned personnel and maintain accurate records of vacation days earned and taken by each employee with copies to the Company Officer
  • Inform the flight scheduling department of all commercial travel reservations
  • Update the assigned flight scheduling department as necessary, regarding aircraft schedule changes and other matters that may affect the scheduling of aircraft and crews. Crew contact telephone numbers, hotels, airline reservations and other similar items are examples of the type of information that should be updated as required
  • Conduct meetings with all personnel to coordinate activities, identify problems, answer questions, pass information, and promote employee good will
  • Approve expense accounts for assigned personnel
  • In conjunction with the appropriate Company Officer, participate in the interview process of all assigned personnel to be employed. Employment requires approval of the a Company Officer
  • Immediately notify the responsible Company Officer of all significant events involving the operation, maintenance, or administration of assigned aircraft, or of matters relating to customer relations or personnel
  • Solicit the Company Officer’s input and/or approval for all operational, personnel, and administrative issues of a substantive nature
  • Notify the applicable Company Officer of anticipated needed pilot relief
  • Submit written reports, as required by the General Operations Manual
  • Revise all copies of manuals and publications assigned to the account(s). Note - Crewmembers are responsible for revising manuals assigned directly them
  • Coordinate crewmember training, as necessary
  • Ensure timely submission of training records, medicals, and other operations data to flight operations, as required by the General Operations Manual
  • Promote customer goodwill through high quality service and professional demeanor
  • Other related duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Current and qualified to hold the crewmember supervisor position assigned within an account
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to effectively interact with all levels of the Company
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment, discretion and initiative
  • Self-motivated and independent problem solving ability
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Ability to travel, as needed

Education and Work Experience:

  • Hold the qualifications and certificates to be a pilot or PIC
  • Bachelor’s degree or, equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Three (3) years aviation management experience

Physical Requirements:

  • Meet the physical requirements of the assigned aviation position
  • Majority of work is completed in a normal office work environment
  • Communicate through verbal, written and electronic means
  • Operate office equipment such as telephone, computer, printer, fax, postage meter, etc.
  • Move up to 25 pounds on an infrequent basis
  • Access filing cabinets, drawers and shelves of varying heights