30 October 2022

Jet Edge International | CL604/605 First Officer

We are currently looking for experienced pilots to join our team as a Challenger 605 First Officer. The position features a 15/13 schedule with great equipment backed by a successful growing company.

SIC Requirements:

* Typed and current in advertised position (PREFERRED)

* At least 2,500 hours Total Time (Fixed Wing)

* 500 hours Pilot-in-Command time
* 500 hours Multi-Engine time
* 150 hours Instrument Time

* FAA 1st Class Medical and ATP
* Valid Passport

* Ability to obtain and maintain CANPASS authorization for unrestricted travel to/from Canada as a commercial pilot.

* Compliant with ICAO Annex I – 2.1.10 as it pertains to aircraft engaged in international commercial air transport operations with more than one pilot.