25 August 2022

Jet Aviation | Flight Attendant

Moline, IL, United States

Job Description


Education: High School, or equivalent; current emergency cabin trained; certified food handler.

Licenses : None

Documentation: Must be able to obtain and maintain a valid passport; ability to pass FBI/TSA background check; must be able to travel internationally without restriction.

Experience: Two plus years experience as a Flight Attendant.

Skills: Work experience in a team environment; good interpersonal skills; skill in planning and organizing; high level of attention to detail and accuracy; willing and able to work varied hours and schedules as required; willing and able to travel as required, including international travel; must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills; must be able to perform administrative functions using computer software and tablet applications.

Position Description

The Flight Attendant is responsible for the passengers and cabin of the aircraft to ensure safety and service and will serve as the emergency evacuation crew member. Flight Attendants will also perform administrative functions such as ordering catering and cabin expense accounting. Flight Attendants will be available for both scheduled and on-demand trips.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a safe, efficient culture that supports customer service;
  2. Complete required annual training, including proficiency checks on aircraft systems and emergency procedures;
  3. Work as a crew during flights to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft;
  4. Providing passenger safety and comfort;
  5. Advising, briefing, assisting, and monitoring passengers for routine and non-routine needs including emergencies, evacuations, and first aid;
  6. Creating a standard cabin safety inspection and briefing and ensuring all contract Flight Attendants are trained on and performing to the standard;
  7. Creating a standard service level and ensuring all contract Flight Attendants are trained on and performing to the standard;
  8. Ability to provide first class food service with attention to geographic factors, hygiene, personal and religious preferences;
  9. ?Creating standard aircraft stock lists and ensuring third party cleaning contractors are servicing the aircraft to the standard;
  10. Coordinating with the flight crew, ground, and maintenance crews, to ensure the aircraft is clean and properly serviced;
  11. Procuring supplies for the aircraft stock room;
  12. Auditing aircraft cabin expenses to improve cost efficiency;
  13. Assisting Flight Administration with crewing Flight Attendants for trips; and
  14. Reviewing and revising the Flight Attendant manual, as necessary.