21 June 2024

HK Express | A320 First Officer

Hong Kong

Embark on an Adventure with HK Express: First Officer A320 Opportunities Await

HK Express, Hong Kong's premier low-cost carrier, seeks passionate and dedicated First Officers to join their team. Renowned for offering exceptional value and affordability, HK Express operates one of the youngest and most modern aircraft fleets globally, connecting travelers to exciting destinations across Asia and beyond.

Driven by a spirit of adventure and a commitment to providing enriching travel experiences, HK Express opens doors to new cultures and hidden gems. The company's dedication to exploring emerging destinations aligns perfectly with its vibrant and diverse team, composed of individuals who share a passion for travel and discovery.

HK Express is currently inviting applications for First Officer positions on A320 aircraft, offering opportunities for both Type Rated and Non-Type Rated pilots.

First Officer A320 (Type Rated)


First Officer A320 (Non-Type Rated)


Application Instructions:

Interested candidates are requested to submit their latest Flying Experience Form along with their application.

Join HK Express and embark on a rewarding career path that fuels your passion for aviation and unlocks the boundless possibilities of travel.


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