09 June 2022

Grant Aviation | C208 Captain

Knowledge of the company's Operations Manual.

Knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

1,500 hours of total time/ATP equivalent experience

Second Class Medical Certificate

The Pilot in Command (PIC) has command of, and the responsibility for, the flight crew, passengers, cargo, the SAFE conduct of the flight, and provides guidance and coordinate the activities of every individual connected with all phases of the aircraft operation.

The PIC reports to the Chief Pilot for their certificated proficiency, competency, and currency and to the Director of Maintenance for the condition of the aircraft. Assumes the duties and responsibilities as follows:

Retains the final authority for the safe operation of the aircraft (FAR 91.3).

Completes the required training in our Training Program and successfully passes each of the required tests and flight checks in accordance with guidance in the Administrative chapter of our Training Program.