28 October 2022

Forest Protection Ltd. | AT-4/5/6/8 Chief Pilot


Forest Protection Limited is seeking talent for fulltime, seasonal pilots in Fredericton for the 2022 season from April to September to perform the duties of International Assistant Chief Pilot. Reporting to the Chief Pilot, the pilot will operate the AirTractor 802 during the wildfire and aerial application season and fulfill the following job duties:

Operate assigned aircraft in accordance with FPL’s Company Operations Manual and Standard Operating Procedures.

Carry out all duties assigned by the Flight Operations Management team.

Adhere to instructions issued by officers of the Department of Natural Resources on fire suppression and by FPL management on aerial application operations.

Complete required pre-flight and post-flight paperwork in a timely manner.

Report all items requiring maintenance on the aircraft as soon as possible.

Be responsible for the cleanliness of the aircraft at all times, including occasional aircraft wash and wax.

Successful candidates will be expected to work in a team environment during long hours of standby throughout the forest fire season as well as on a split shift during aerial treatment operations. Assigned pilots can expect to fly between 70 and 130 hours per season depending on the fire index levels and any unforeseen circumstances.

The fire season will see AT802 pilots on standby for fire suppression missions on a daily basis, depending on the Fire Weather Index. During the month of June and July, they may be assigned to aerial treatment operations in New Brunswick and/or Newfoundland. Re-positioning to other bases of operation may be required throughout the season.

Ideal candidates will be elite multitaskers who understand fire behavior and suppression tactics, demonstrate a high level of effective communication, discipline, sound decision-making skills, teamwork, a willingness to learn, and sociability.


* The successful candidate must possess a Canadian Commercial Pilot License -Fixed wing, have obtained at least 2000 hours of pilot in command and 300 hours tailwheel.

* An Instrument Rating.

* Turbine Engine experience.

* Experience operating aircraft in low altitude operations.


Conditions of employment are as below:

- Being legally entitled to work in Canada and are required to obtain a Criminal Record Check.

- Being fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

- Having a valid driver's license for travel within and outside the province.

- Ability to communicate clearly in English

- Have a modern mobile phone capable of making phone calls and sending/receiving SMS and email