02 August 2022

Flight Safety International | Instructor

Farnborough, GB


Ground / Simulator Instructor

Purpose of Position

The Flight Instructor delivers exceptional ground and simulator flight instruction in accordance with aviation regulations and FlightSafety Training principles.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Conduct pilot ground and simulator training for clients receiving core, specialty or enrichment training courses.
  • Develop and prepare training materials that support training delivery to meet the client needs in accordance with the applicable curriculum.
  • Evaluate and measure trainee progress and recommend for qualification, or additional training.
  • Complete accurate training records specific to each client, aiding their success in achieving the requested objective(s).
  • Identify client training issues and seek assistance prior to execution.
  • Maintain Instructor qualifications in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Minimum Experience

To join the FSI Farnborough team as a pilot instructor to provide ground and simulator training you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold or have held JAA/EASA or UK CAA licence.
  • Have at least 1,500 hours as a pilot of multi-pilot aircraft,
  • or for single pilot types , at least 1,500 hours in multi-pilot operations and have completed 500 hours of flight time as PIC on single pilot aircraft. Currency in ratings is not required.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Knowledge of aviation safety standards and practices
  • Knowledge of common aviation regulations
  • Ability to manage classes and teach effectively
  • First-level facilitation skills
  • First-level customer service skills
  • Ability to be coachable and receive feedback to support development.

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