12 July 2022

Flight Safety International | C510 Instructor

Farnborough, GB


Ground / Simulator Instructor

The Ground & Simulator Instructor is responsible for the accomplishment of pilot ground school training and ground-based simulator training conducted for Customers receiving Initial, Recurrent or generic training courses and measures the training progress of Customer(s), objectively and subjectively, within the established curriculum. We have a comprehensive training programme for the core role of Instructor with additional variations for different programmes.

Experience & Certifications required:

To join the FlightSafety Farnborough team as a pilot instructor to provide ground and simulator training you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold or have held JAA / EASA licences
  • Have at least 1,500 hours as a pilot of multi-pilot aircraft,
  • OR for single pilot types , at least 1,500 hours in multi-pilot operations and have completed at least 500 hours of flight time as PIC on single pilot aircraft. Note: Currency in ratings is not required.

Occasional travel may be required, such as 1-2 weeks’ training in the US.

We do not require a current medical certificate for these roles.

It is also helpful, but not essential, for you to have;

  • previous instructional experience
  • G650, G550, HS125, B200, C680, C560, C500, C525, C510 ratings or similar

Skills & Abilities required:

We require;

  • excellent fluency in English, through both verbal and written communications, i.e. the ability able to speak, understand, read and write.
  • excellent listening skills

Purpose of Position

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Tasks and Responsibilities

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Minimum Education

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Minimum Experience

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Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

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Physical Demands and Work Environment

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