06 September 2023

Executive Jet Management | G-V Captain

06026, Ct
Min Total Time: 3500
Min Multi Engine Land: 1500

Total flight time: 3500 hours
Multi Engine Land (MEL): 1500 hours
Pilot in Command: 2000 hours
PIC MEL: 500 hours.

We are seeking qualified Pilot in Command candidates for a G550 aircraft based at BDL. Responsibility for the welfare of passengers in all aspects of cabin safety and service. Trained and proficient in the appropriate portions of Abnormal and Emergency procedures and all areas of cabin systems and operations. This is a 4-pilot account supported by a dedicated Maintenance Technician and Flight Attendant flying part 91. The Pilot-in-Command reports directly to the Chief Pilot or his/her designee and is responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight assignment.