20 May 2023

Eastern Airlines LLC | Chief Pilot

Kansas City, MO, United States

Chief Pilot

Full Time

Kansas City, MO, US

Requisition ID: 1157

  1. Overview

At Eastern Airlines curiosity and excitement for growth go a long way. In fact, Eastern Airlines was launched by seekers, adventurers and above all fliers. Our rich legacy and pioneering spirit are still evident in our team today.

Our open-hearted attitude, respect for the people we fly and our attention to detail is what sets Eastern Airlines apart from its competitors. Natural curiosity and hunger for wonder are behaviors that make our employees successful.

This summary provides a listing of the knowledge, skills and abilities that are critical components of the position for Chief Pilot.

  1. General

This is a position for an individual that holds a valid airline transport pilot certificate with a type rating for aircraft operated by Eastern Airlines and meets the FAA qualification requirements of 14 CFR 119.67(b) for the Chief Pilot position. The successful individual must be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of all relevant Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s). Good communication skills are required, and you must be able to exhibit and help instill the values and culture of the company while working with other team members and customers in a fast paced/dynamic environment.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Monitors pilot conformance to Company manuals and safe procedures. Responsible for the quality of Airman Duties / Flight deck Procedures and Appropriate Airmen Checks and Qualifications processes;
  • Implements and coordinates a comprehensive safety program, including a Crew Resource Management Program, within Eastern Airlines;
  • Evaluates and assesses Flight Crewmember problems and takes steps to alleviate such problems within the framework of the Company policies and guidelines;
  • Coordinates with the VP of Flight Operations & DO, Crew Services, flight crew representatives, and other persons as may be necessary to ensure well-rested and alert crews;
  • Works with People Services, VP of Flight Operations, and others to recruit Flight Crewmembers adequate to meet the Company's requirements while maintaining the highest possible standards of selection;
  • Monitors the qualifications and currency of all pilots and ensures that each crewmember who has been awarded a flight assignment will remain proficient as to each airplane, crewmember position, type of operation and qualified in new equipment, facilities, procedures, and techniques, including modifications to airplanes;
  • Manages the work required by the Appropriate Airmen Checks and Qualifications process. [14 CFR 121.415(g)];
  • Monitors the qualifications and currency of Check Airmen and is responsible for the quality of the training of Check Airmen and Flight Crewmembers;
  • Manages the training of Check Airmen, Instructors, and Flight Crewmembers to ensure that the training is effective and instills respect for compliance and safety among all personnel;
  • Develops, publishes, and utilizes the policies and procedures necessary to ensure crewmembers’ work activities are managed fairly, effectively, and productively;
  • Has the responsibility to establish and modify the policies, procedures, instructions, and information associated with Pilot Operating Limitations/Recent Experience, Airman Duties/Flight deck Procedures, Appropriate Airmen Checks and Qualifications, Pilot Operating Limitations, Training of Flight Crewmembers, (including the Advanced Simulator Program), Check Airmen and Instructors;
  • In conjunction with Crew Services, manages the proper construction of periodic/bid efficient work schedules for company crewmembers;
  • Other Duties as assigned by the VP of Flight Operations & DO.
  1. Qualifications
  • Holds a valid airline transport pilot certificate with a type rating for aircraft operated by
    Eastern Airlines and meets the FAA qualification requirements of 14 CFR 119.67(b);
  • Possesses a FAA first class medical;
  • Possesses a valid driver's license;
  • Impeccable safety and training record;
  • NAT, PAC RIM, ETOPS, B-757/767/777 FAR 121 PIC experience preferred;
  • CRM experience;
  • Ability to multitask and work under pressure in a dynamic environment;
  • Bids works schedule by seniority (days, swings, or midnight shifts, holidays);
  • Travel will be required;
  • Pass drug and alcohol background checks, pre-employment DOT drug test, and criminal
    history records check (CHRC);
  • Must possess a valid passport;
  • English proficiency consistent with at least ICAO Level 4 endorsement;
  • Eligible to work in the United States.

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