21 May 2024

Draken | Instructor

Romania, Netherlands

Draken is looking for experienced F-16 Instructor Pilots for duty at a Romanian Air Force (RoAF) F-16 Training Center located at the 86th Air Base (86AB), near Borcea Romania. Instructor pilots will be flying former Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) F-16M (F-16A/B Block-15 aircraft upgraded to the Mid-life upgrade configuration) to train RoAF pilots.

Pref candidates be available for a 19-month contract period. Some reduced periods of availability may be acceptable, but not less than 3 months. F-16 recency is required for shorter timeframes.

Job Responsibility:

  • Instructing and executing during F-16 simulator training scenarios
  • Performing Platform F-16 Instruction
  • Flying and instructing airborne in F-16 aircraft
  • Attend mass briefings, flight briefings, Plan and fly F-16 training missions. Accomplish flight debriefings and attend mass debriefings
  • Adhere to all training rules and pre-briefed maneuvering restrictions
  • Collect and disseminate lessons learned
  • Accomplish necessary ground training prior to flights
  • Deploy as required to support mission requirements
  • Execute administrative and command and control functions of the RoAF F-16 Training Center
  • Other duties as assigned


  1. Current FAA Class II medical rating
  2. Commercial, Single-Engine pilot certificate
  3. Must obtain/maintain secret security clearance by 1 Sept 2023
  4. F-16 qualifications
    1. Current F-16 qualification desired
    2. 2,000+ F-16 hours
    3. 500+ F-16 Instructor hours, F-16 RTU Instructor Time highly desired
    4. Must provide statement of F-16 recency for each pilot.