30 April 2023

CHC Helicopter | Pilot

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CHC provides unmatched helicopter services that enable our customers to reach beyond – to work in remote and challenging destinations that limit others – and come home safely. We are dedicated to our purpose of getting our customers where they need to be, when they need to be there, anywhere in the world – safely and reliably. All you have to do is get on board!

At CHC, we pride ourselves on our values and culture:

Simplicity: Finding the most efficient way in everything we do

Agility: Moving quickly and decisively

Collaboration: Working together with candor and transparency

Innovation: Creating solutions and leading change

Ownership: Working with passion and doing what needs to be done


S92A Pilots

CHC Ireland would like to invite expressions of interest from qualified pilots for 12-month fixed term position(s) to support our operation on a temporary basis reporting to the Manager Flight Operations. Successful candidates may be offered permanent positions in due course.

Estimated start dates for these positions are September 2023.

You’ll be welcomed into CHCI operations which consist of a close-knit team where we are privileged to serve the Irish Coast Guard and the people of Ireland providing AWSAR and Hems services across four operational bases. Based on your skills and competences, you’ll be offered a competitive salary with extra-legal benefits. The opportunity can be taken to widen your knowledge and skills.

You will be required to carry out 24-hour AWSAR duties on any base as rostered in accordance with applicable collective labour agreements.

The roster (usually consisting of up to 9 x 24 hr shifts in every 28-day period) does not facilitate commuting long distances and Preference will be given to candidates willing to relocate to within 90mins of their assigned base.

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

+ Perform SAR & HEMS operations in a safe, responsible and efficient manner.

+ Be thoroughly acquainted and comply with Company SAR procedures and requirements as defined in Company Operations Manuals

General responsibilities:

+ Conducting pilot duties whilst fully complying with all safety rules, requirements, limitations and SOPs with full regard to the helicopter type and scope of flight operation

+ Maintaining a good working knowledge of CHCI Ops Manuals, FSIs, other related manuals, instructions and procedures

+ Consistently demonstrating a good awareness of customer service requirements and understanding the client’s business & needs, under the supervision of the Chief Pilot.

+ Performing other assigned flying duties as required

+ Assist in preparation of the OFP, including fuel planning and mass and centre of gravity calculations, and, when necessary, filing the ATS flight plan with the appropriate Authority. If stored plans are used, ensuring that the correct plan has been activated.

+ Support an open environment for CRM and actively use high quality crew monitoring procedures.

+ Comply with all flight and duty time limitations (FTL) and rest requirements applicable to their activities.

+ Confirm the safe navigation of the helicopter, maintaining a continuous and independent check upon the geographical position of the helicopter and its safe terrain clearance

+ Maintaining familiarity with all relevant national and international air legislation, agreed aviation practices and local procedures.

+ Maintaining the correct standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance.

+ Leading by example and promoting a team spirit amongst colleagues.

+ Respecting the code of conduct and overall behaviour to-wards the whole team, as well as adhering to the Drugs & Alcohol policy

+ EASA ATPL(H) Licence privileges (Mandatory at time of application)

+ Valid EASA Class 1 Medical (Mandatory at time of application)

+ Valid EASA IFR (H) Multi Engine privileges (Mandatory at time of application)

+ EASA ATPL (H) theory and MCC certificate (Mandatory at time of application)

+ Type rating: S92A type rating with ME IR (preferable, suitably qualified candidates not in possession of an S92A type rating may be offered an ITR)

+ Minimum 750 helicopter hours (2500 helicopter hours desirable)

+ Minimum 350 hours multi engine helicopters

+ NVIS experience (desirable)

+ AWSAR experience on a dedicated military or civil SAR unit (desirable)

+ Previous Command experience on Multi Pilot helicopters (desirable)

Additional certificates



+ Wet dinghy drills

+ Practical fire and smoke

+ First aid

+ CRM certificate (if held)

Requisition ID: 2023-5523

External Company Name: CHC Helicopters