14 September 2023

Brookfield Aviation | A320 Captain

Pakistan, United Kingdom

Air Sial, which only started flying in late 2020, currently operates scheduled passenger services with a fleet of five A320-200s, limiting destinations to those within about five hours flying time of Pakistan. In addition to flying to Islamabad International, Karachi, Lahore International, Multan, and Sialkot within Pakistan, flights to Jeddah and Dammam started earlier this year, and flights to Muscat commenced in June. (Source CH Aviation)


Privately owned AirSial (PF, Karachi International) wants to acquire A330 widebodies and start flights to North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia, Pakistani aviation sources report.




Pakistan is a country brimming with potential and opportunities for those looking to work and make a positive impact. What truly sets Pakistan apart is its warm and hospitable people, known for their friendliness and willingness to collaborate. The rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes provide a unique backdrop for both personal and professional growth. As Pakistan continues to develop and modernize, its an exciting time to be part of this dynamic Airlines workforce, contributing to its growth and prosperity.

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The assessment is very simple. if you are selected after the interview, you will be offered the job; You will be requested to do a SIM assessment in Pakistan for the local CAA.


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