15 January 2023

Alliance Aviation Group, LLC | Captain

Orlando, FL, United States

Lear PIC

Job Type Full-time

Job Title: Learjet Captain

Reports to: Chief Pilot

Classification: Salary

Position Location: Home Based

Status: Full Time

Company Description:

Alliance Aviation Group, LLC is a private aviation company, specializing in private jet charter, jet card memberships, aircraft sales, management, parts, and MRO. The company has three different brands including Wing Aviation Group, which is a FAA Part 135 charter certificate operator, focusing on high quality service to customers in the areas of aircraft sales, management, charter, maintenance, parts, and consulting. Wing Aviation Maintenance which is a maintenance company based in Stuart, Florida focusing on high quality service to customers in aircraft maintenance. Finally, Encore Plane Parts which is an aircraft parts sales company based in Orlando, Florida focusing on aircraft parts, specifically, engine sales and leases, aircraft parts and rotable sales.

Role Objective:

Providing extensive customer service with a friendly, calm, and confident personality. Coordinate and conduct with the other members of the flight crew to convey flight activities and ensure a safe flight.

Essential Job Tasks:

* Complete the proper planning of each flight utilizing all applicable weather information and reports in accordance with Company policies and procedures and Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

* Determines that the aircraft is air-worthy in accordance with FARs and Company policies and procedures; completes appropriate preflight inspections.

* Ensures the flight is planned and fueled properly so that the flight may be conducted safely and in accordance with policies and regulations.

* Safely, properly and effectively operates the aircraft during the designated period of duty in accordance with the Captain’s instruction, FARs, and Company policies and procedures.

* Maintains a thorough working knowledge of the equipment operated, FARs governing the operation of equipment, and manuals, policies, procedures, and other instructions.

* Notifies crew and passengers of turbulent weather conditions or any other operational factors affecting the flight.

* Completes the load manifest for each flight.

* Contributes to a reliable and on-time operation by meeting all report times, departure times, and minimum turn times.

* While at the terminal, assists with and ensures proper handling of aircraft, passengers, baggage, and cargo.

* Maintains regular and reliable attendance according to Company procedures and practices.

* Presents a professional appearance and adheres to the Company uniform dress code.

* Conducts self professionally at all times while on duty and observes the Rules of Conduct for all associates as outlined in the Flight Operations Manual, Employee Handbook and other related policies and procedures.

* Continues professional training towards upgrading performance and abilities.

* Performs other duties as assigned by the Company and Chief Pilot


Physical Demands:

* Able to climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, squat and/or crawl.

* Able to sit without standing for long periods of time.

* Capable of lifting or moving items at different heights weighing up to 75 pounds.

* Able to adhere to the visual demands set in the medical standards established by the FAA.

* Able to hear clearly verbal communications in person, on the telephone, and over a headset with ambient aircraft and passenger noise.

* Possess the stamina needed to work long days, on sequential days, with frequent change in temperatures, climate and weather conditions.

* Must be able to move about the aircraft and perform all required functions freely, effectively and quickly in confined environment.

* Must be able to sit in pilot’s seat or assigned jump seat with seatbelt and shoulder harness fastened without any modifications.

Required Education/Experience:

* Three (3) years proven experience in a similar position.

* High School diploma or GED.

* Meets the Hiring Minimums within six months of the interview date.

* Has no certificate action since the date of the interview.

* Has no misdemeanors or felonies since the interview date.

* Accepts class date within six months of the interview date.


* Ability to read, analyze, interpret and understand technical procedures and governmental regulations, sometimes quickly and under stressful or emergency situations.

* Able to effectively present information to and respond to questions from management, dispatch, crew, passengers, air traffic control, and the general public.

* Able to speak and be understood in English, including shouted verbal commands during emergency situations.


* Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.

* Capable of interpreting a variety of and multiple instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.

* Must be able to remain calm, think and react quickly in all types of emergency situations including but not limited to: medical emergencies, aircraft decompression, emergency evacuations, fires, security threats, passenger disturbances, turbulence, etc.


* Makes decisions to support strategic direction. Decisions tend to be medium range and of medium significance with moderate consequences, but may in unusual situations be significant and have safety-of-flight consequences. Decisions could require additional expenditure of resources if not sound and may impact safety.

* Able to process information quickly and react in a positive manner during unexpected and/or serious situations.

* Capable of controlling personal and emotional responses and acting appropriately under high levels of stress.


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