07 January 2023

Air India Express | B737 Captain


Applications are invited from Non Type Rated Airline Experienced Pilots for B 737 NG

Aircraft for the post of Transition Captain and Transition FO to fill up vacancies at different bases in the network.


a) TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION: Candidates should be in possession of:

  1. Valid ATPL(for P1) & ATPL/CPL(for FO) issued by Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India.
  2. Valid Class –I Medical certificate by DGCA.
  3. Instrument Rating endorsement on Indian ATPL/CPL.
  4. FRTO license issued by DGCA.
  5. RTR issued by Ministry of Communication, WPC Wing, Government of India.
  6. All Licenses shall be valid at the time of joining.
  7. Current Indian passport or OCI passport holder (if not available, proof of submission of application to be attached. Possession of passport mandatory at time of joining).


Transition Captain

A) Minimum total flying experience of 3000 hours.
B) With Minimum PIC flying experience as follows:
PIC flying experience of minimum 500 hours on airline jet aircraft
PIC flying experience of 1000 hours on airline turboprop aircraft
Upper Age Limit: 60 years

Transition FO

A) Minimum total flying experience of 1000 hours.
B) With Minimum FO flying experience as follows:
FO flying experience of minimum 250 hours on airline jet aircraft
FO flying experience of 500 hours on airline turboprop aircraft
Upper Age Limit: 40 years


Class-I Medical Fitness Certificate by DGCA, Government of India, which should be valid at the time of application & joining. (Candidates must have done their last DGCA Medical/Renewal within preceding 6 months/1year, as applicable). Additionally candidates will be required to undergo pre employment company medical examination.

Note: Minimum height requirement for the post is 152.5 cms and candidates below 152.5 cm are not eligible. Candidates between 152.5 and 162.5 cm will be accepted only subjected to ergonomic check during their pre employment medical exam. The decision on acceptance of candidates between 152.5 cm and 162.5 cm height will be solely on discretion of the Management and no dispute in this matter will be entertained.



a) Psychometry Test (as applicable)
b) Personal Interview
c) Simulator Flight Proficiency Test
d) Pre-Employment Medical Examination
e) Background Verification



a) REMUNERATION (TRANSITION CAPTAIN): As per Industry standard

b) REMUNERATION (TRANSITION FO): As per Industry standard

a) Loss of License and Accident Compensation, entitlement as per Company policy.

b) Group Family Medical Insurance, entitlement as per Company policy.

c) Passages, entitlement as per Company policy.

d) TRAINING COST: As per Company Policy


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