02 April 2024

Air Arabia | Flight Attendant


Job Purpose

To design and deliver training courses to Cabin Crew staff on the various Standard Operating Procedures in accordance with Air Arabia approved quality standards and as per ECAA set measures and regulations. Ensures conformity in delivery of training whilst promoting company’s culture and corporate image.

Key Result Responsibilities

  1. Designs and delivers to CC effective and timely training programs to meet business and operational needs as well as approved safety and quality standards in accordance with the Air Arabia CSPM provisions ensuring corrective action is taken on Cabin Crew default.
  2. Provides mandatory Initial, Conversion/Differences, Recurrent, and Refresher Training to Cabin Crew and Pilots, supervises the progress of their performance and generates reports to management accordingly.
  3. Ensures training programs cover both theoretical and practical aspects to include but not limited to: Conduct of Passengers, Fire-Fighting, CPR and First Aid, Safety Procedures, Emergency and Catering Equipment, CRM, Layout of Aircraft types, as well as Security courses.
  4. Trains Cabin Crew on the post-flight procedures such as completion of documentation and occurrence reports, as well as handover/takeover procedures to ensure orderly and complete procedures are being carried out.
  5. Conducts “Leadership” training courses, One-To-One coaching sessions to Senior Cabin Crew, and provides continuous guidance and support to the senior cabin staff to inspire them achieve best results in their area.
  6. Assists in the evaluation of the Cabin Crew competency and readiness to operate; maintains a record of licenses renewal dates to ensure recertification before expiry; maintains records of certificates accordingly.
  7. Ensures the Cabin Security Procedures Manual (CSPM) are regularly updated, communicated to Cabin Crew and included in the training courses to ensure abidance by regulations and procedures set by the CAA and other related entities.
  8. Drafts, checks and approves the issuance of safety bulletins ensuring Cabin Crew are advised and updated with content and fully understand the implications.
  9. Supports the training team through the internal/external audit requirements and checks, ensures availability, update, and compliance of function-related documents, reports, attendance sheets and records with the approved standards.
  10. Contributes to the creation and updating of questions databank to be used in the Cabin Crew selection exams. Ensures safety and readiness of facilities, equipment, tools as well as tests and results.
  11. Supports the new joiners in the Induction Program on the (LMS); provides guidance and replies to enquiries on content as necessary; attends briefing sessions to evaluate Cabin Crew knowledge.
  12. Supports other hubs in delivery of training programs as and when required; conducts training courses to “Third Parties” as per approved SLAs and contracts when and as needed.
  13. Operates as Cabin Supervisor as and when required by scheduling; carries out observational flights as a checker when required.
  14. Updates both cabin safety and customer service training syllabus and programs.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • Bachelor Degree in Management, Education/ Diploma or equivalent is preferred for this role.
  • Related training certificates and training courses such as “Train the Trainer”, “Instructive Training” are an advantage.
  • Appropriate corresponding license is an advantage.
  • Training in First Aid is essential requirement for this role whereas formal qualification is a plus.
  • Audio Visual equipment management skills are required.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Internet and Web Search.
  • Fluent in English Language.

Work Experience

  • 5+ years of experience in the aviation Industry and Operating Senior Cabin Crew is a must.
  • Familiar with ECAA rules and regulations pertaining to cabin services, licensing and working procedures.
  • Previous experience as a Training Instructor is essential.
  • Must have conducted training on First Aid and Airline Safety.
  • Experienced in planning, designing and delivering training courses, preferably to Cabin Crew.
  • Ability to produce, interpret, assimilate data and express ideas and concepts clearly.
  • Employs a balance of technical expertise, and interpersonal relations to execute new initiatives that support company’s objectives.
  • Has very good planning and time management skills even in challenging environments.
  • Cost-oriented, possesses effective problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrates exceptional work habits, with high accuracy and attention to details.
  • Working exposure to internal/external audit practices

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