29 May 2022

Air Arabia | Flight Attendant


*Job Purpose

Acts as the airline’s ambassador; strives to achieve customers’ loyalty and to promote a positive corporate image, at all times, through enhancing the overall customers’ experience.

Provides excellent customer service to all passengers whilst ensuring their safety and comfort are achieved throughout the complete flight cycle.

Be ready and fit to operate ensuring productivity is in line with set measures and company’s adopted policies and procedures.

*Key Result Responsibilities

* Conduct: - Ensures timely attendance, proper grooming, fitness and legality of self for the assigned flights. Attends “Briefing” to ensure acknowledgement of flight details, distribution of roles, targets, security checks, boarding, etc.

Safety Measures: - Instructs passengers on safety procedures to be followed ensuring their safety and comfort at all times.

Identifies areas of safety and security risks and partners with the Cabin Supervisor to take remedial action in accordance with the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

Administers first aid to passengers where necessary.

Informs Cabin Supervisor, Flight Crew and Captain, as appropriate, with any irregularities and malfunctions promptly.

Customer Service: - Welcomes passengers and assists in their boarding formalities; enters necessary data into the aircraft logbook as per the Airline and Civil Aviation Authority’s adopted procedures.

Provides constant excellent customer services to passengers by attending to their individual pre-bookings, requests and needs.

Identifies and assists passengers experiencing stress or difficulties in accordance with the corresponding policies and procedures detailed in the Operations Manual and other relevant instructions.

Contributes to maximizing on-board revenue and “Charity Cloud” program by efficiently promoting the on-board meals, products and charity services and thereby achieves individual and team targets.

Ensures proper and secure handling of cash and credit card payments received against individual sales and donations managed by him/her.

Key Result Responsibilities - Continued

Crosschecking and Reports:

- Carries out pre-flight checks to ensure sufficient supplies, emergency equipment, catering equipment and other specified equipment prior to take off; provides report for any deficiencies to Cabin Supervisor and/or Captain as appropriate.

Assists in ensuring the aircraft cabin is cleaned thoroughly at transit stations and that adequate re-catering and duty free products are provided before flying.

Ensures orderly and complete handover/takeover of the cabin to/from catering, cleaning and/or maintenance staff.

Carries out the post-flight briefing and assessment reports as per adopted policies and procedures: provides objective evaluation of the Cabin Supervisor, reports any problems or discrepancies on flight, closing and sealing of duty free containers.

Accounts to Cabin Supervisor for the conduct of passengers; carries out the duties of ‘Cabin Supervisor’ when designated as such by the Captain.

Maintains necessary professional and safety knowledge and competitiveness by attending recurrent trainings, emergency procedures trainings, and educational workshops and by ensuring current license.

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results and achieving allocated sales targets and objectives.

*Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

*Work Experience

Company Benefits: