27 January 2024

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Virtual, PER, Peru


Title: WASS Pilot – RW IP

Location: Peru

Job Number: 15365

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BASIC PILOT RESPONSIBILITIES (Applies to all RW Pilot positions)

Serve as a program rotary-wing RW pilot, initially as Second in Command SIC, with the expectation to progress to Pilot in Command PIC, responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft and the well-being of all passengers and crew onboard. Duties include planning flight assignments, reviewing all pertinent information regarding the flight’s purpose, weather conditions, operating procedures, and receiving special instructions as necessary.


+ Developandoverseeflightplans,consideringaltitude,terrain,weather,fuel,andnavigation.

+ Verifyflightkitpresenceonboard.

+ Confirmcompletionofrequired airworthinessinspectionsandadvisepilot-in-command ofanydiscrepanciesaccordingto the MEL.

+ Conductorsuperviseaircraftpreflightchecksandpreparation.

+ Participateincargoloading,distribution,andsecurity,ensuringcompliancewithweightandbalanceregulations.

+ PrepareandsubmittheAircraftFlightMaintenanceLog,LoadManifest,andDiscrepancyRecordforeachflight.

+ *Stockandcheckrequiredsurvivalandemergencyequipmentontheaircraft.

+ Logaircraftflighttime,prepareflightplans,andmaintainflightanddutytimerecords.

+ AssistPCwiththeAircraftFlightMaintenanceLog,reportingmechanicalissues,andensuringpropermaintenance recording.

+ Upholdsafetyandsecurityduringpassengerboardinganddisembarkation.

+ Conductpre-flightandin-flightsecurityassessmentsandensureacomprehensiveunderstandingoftheRulesofEngagement ROE before undertaking flights.

+ Maintainadequaterestandadheretodresscode.

+ Delegatetaskswhileretainingoverallaccountability.

+ MusthaveorobtainaU.S.SecurityClearance.

+ TravelroutinelyOCONUSandoccasionallywithinCONUS.

+ Performadditionaldutiesasnecessary.



+ 1,000totalflighthours,350hoursTurbine,200hoursNVG,NightVisionGoggles,175hoursPIC

+ HighschooldiplomaorGED.

+ FAACommercialandInstrumentAirman’sCertificateRotorcraftHelicopter

+ FCCRestrictedRadiotelephoneOperatorPermit.

+ CurrentFAAClassIIMedicalcertificate.

+ PriorqualificationinUH-60oranyUH-60variantforUH-60pilotpositionsandorUH-1oranyUH-1variantforUH-1 pilot positions.

+ Englishfluencyinspeaking,reading,andwriting.

+ SpanishlevelIIproficiency,forpilotpositionsrequiringSpanish.




Serve as program rotary-wing (RW) instructor pilot (IP) for the UH-60 Blackhawk in Peru on a 43/20 rotational basis. Focus on providing comprehensive training and evaluations. This role involves administering standardization protocols, including flight records management, and offering operational support for the Department of State INL/A program in Latin America (LATAM). Serving as the Site/Operations Manager’s representative, the RW IP will implement and interpret the organization’s Aircrew Training Program (ATP).


+ Assist key managers in providing RW program oversight.

+ Initiate, conduct, and supervise training within the assigned area of responsibility to meet the contract objectives of contractor training.

+ Provide aviation mission support and flight instruction, aircraft transitions, annual proficiency reviews, and flight evaluations.

+ Process and report operational and training evaluation results.

+ Conduct academic and hands-on performance training and administers evaluations to ensure crewmember proficiency and standardization of training in addition to maintaining individual training folders and completing entries.

+ Ensure integration of all rotary wing rated crewmembers (RCMs) and nonrated crewmembers (NRCMs) into the Aircrew Training Program (ATP).

+ Train and evaluate RCMs and NRCMs in their designated aircraft.

+ Ensure compliance with all Standardization Directives, Aircrew Training Manuals, and ATP requirements.

+ Develop individual flight training plans in support of the organization’s mission and ATP.

+ Oversee maintenance of crewmember flight records, weight and balance calculations, and risk assessments.

+ Maintain knowledge of additions and changes to all applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and documentation integral to contract operations.

+ Train and qualify crewmembers to fly both single and multi-ship day, night, and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) missions; primarily under visual and instrument meteorological conditions.

+ Maintain NVG currency and Instrument proficiency.

+ Perform duties as Pilot, Pilot-in-Command, Instructor Pilot, Air Mission Commander, and/or Flight Lead.

+ Provide training and standardization oversight and ensure compliance with all INL/A Directives to ensure the safe and efficient operations of USG aircraft.

+ Aide in development host nation standardization program and train personnel to administer the program as required.

+ Provide Host Nation training in support of various operations including aerial transportation of personnel and cargo, counter-narcotic operations, maritime and land-based detection and monitoring, CASEVAC support, personnel recovery/aircraft recovery support, VIP mission support, contingency operation missions, emergency response/humanitarian missions, surge operations, and maintenance test flight support.

+ Develop and review aviation publications e.g., Aircrew Training Manuals (ATM), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), etc. to be maintained in the technical libraries.



+ 1,500 total flight hours

+ 500 hours Turbine

+ 300 hours NVG (Night Vision Goggles)

+ 200 hours Turbine IP

+ High school diploma or GED.

+ FAA Commercial and Instrument Airman’s Certificate Rotorcraft Helicopter

+ FAA CFI/CFII or military equivalent

+ FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit.

+ Current FAA Class II Medical certificate.

+ Prior qualification in UH-60 (or any UH-60 variant)

+ English fluency in speaking, reading and writing.

+ Spanish level II proficiency (for pilot positions requiring Spanish)

+ Secret Clearance or MRPT



+ Prior designation as Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP) / Functional Check Pilot (FCP)

+ 50 hours as MTP/FCP




To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed are representative of the knowledge, skill, and or ability required. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Core Competencies

+ Able to plan and organize work to achieve goals achieves targeted results with minimal supervision is accountable for own actions.

+ Possess excellent verbal and written communications skills Provides timely, well organized verbal and written information that is audience appropriate, listens attentively to others and retains processes information.

+ Builds alliances, partnerships and collaboration with others including those different from him her deals tactfully with others assumes helps with a variety of team roles.

+ Generates new ideas personally encourage team to do the same stays up to date on technology and approaches to work provides creative solutions and input when faced with challenges.

+ Builds effective relationships with internal and external customers ability to work independently and coordinate work with others resolves conflicts in a professional manner.

+ Adheres to all safety and security policies and regulations demonstrates quality work that is accurate, thorough, and efficient.

+ Examines personal and organizational processes, promotes opportunities for improvement analyzes successes and failures to learn and improve.

+ Completes required and suggested training shows eagerness and capacity to learn receptive to coaching and feedback.

+ Committed to passionately and consistently promoting a professional culture that is trustworthy, honest socially responsible, and where differences are respected and valued.

+ Sets clear expectations and direction for staff achieves team results consistently coaches staff to improve is a positive role model.

+ Builds commitment to team, company, mission and customer through effective and frequent communications promote an environment of trust fosters a respectful, energetic, and positive work culture.


The physical demands and work environment characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

AAR is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.


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